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Joyce Kinmont,
Founder, 1990
Learning by faith and learning from experience are two of the central
features of the Father's plan of happiness. The Savior preserved moral
agency through the Atonement and made it possible for us to act and to
learn. Lucifer's rebellion against the plan sought to destroy the agency of
man, and his intent was that we as learners would only be acted upon.

- Elder David A. Bednar, Increase in Learning, p.3


In many places it is literally not safe physically for youngsters to go to school. And in many
schools - and it's becoming almost generally true - it is spiritually unsafe to attend public schools.
- President Boyd K. Packer, BYU,1996

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Escape Common Core:
Homeschool or Private School

I was invited to give a short report on Common Core at a beakfast meeting held on the Saturday of General Conference. It was April of 2014 and SAGE tests were being given in the governmnet schools. Many parents opted their children out of the tests, but many were afraid to, and many others weren't concerned. Common Core will only be worse next year, so all I could say was Escape! It is time to restore and move forward with a religious education in private schools or at home, even if it has to be done after school hours. Here is my presentation with a few graphics added. The links I had envisioned as a short email now include the transcripts, quotes, and comments and number 20-some pages. Link to that document here.

     transcript with links and comments here.

StateNational Common Core
School administrators insist on calling the new National standards "State" or "state led." Not true. As implementation progresses, the intent is to substitute choice and individuality with control and sameness. Decisions are to be made on the federal level, not be parents, teachers, or local administrators. The scope is "P-20" (preschool through college). States and local districts conform or they are punished with the loss of federal funding.

It is interesting that Satan's victory over agency in education seems almost certain now, just when various means of school choice (vouchers, charters, on-lines, private, homeschooling) have also been winning great victories. We are certainly involved in a last-days war, and at risk are our children's futures and our religious liberty. Parents and students must take a stand. We are in God's army, or not. We are for Constitutional principles, or not. We are willing to pay the price, or not. No victory will be won without sacrifice.

The following video is the testimony of Hillsdale College Professor Terrence Moore given before the Indiana State Legislature in August 2013. Dr. Moore explains, among other important things, that Common Core will change over the years.

The next video is an interview with Robert Scott, the former Texas Commissioner of Education, who turned down Common Core because of the loss of local control and the high costs involved.

Should you want to share these videos with your legislators, both can also be found on the What Is Common Core blog, here and here.

The Foundation of American Public Education
Why did our Founders encourage public schools? What purpose did they have in mind? Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn tells us about Thomas Jefferson, the Northwest Ordinance, and what the Founders intended. What his fascinating address, The American Founders on Civic Education.

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A millennial society will emerge in our future; we can either resist or contribute to its development.
The basic stewardships that will push this movement into the future reside in each family. Our society
will change as our education changes. . . individuals from many families must do the creative
work. .. . As this education is firmly established, temporal excellence in learning will blossom and
Zion will increase in beauty and in holiness; her borders will be enlarged, her stakes strengthened,
and she will put on her beautiful garments (D&C 82:1-4). And the children will be taught through
an agency approach to education.

- Neil J. Flinders, Teach the Children:
An Agency Approach to Education,
BYU, 1990